What's with the "Placeholder" cars?

You can ignore these, they will be removed shortly. We used this content to test the web site. Since we are still in beta, this content has not been removed yet.  Thanks for being among the first to try our new re-launched web site!

Is it free to sell a car?

If you are a private seller (the owner/driver of the car) then it is free to post your Camaro listing on camaro.com, and you can post up to three cars

Car dealers are welcome to post their inventory of Camaros on our site as well.  Due to the specific needs of car dealers, we have a monthly subscription package that allows up to 50 Camaros to be posted.

Can I only buy/sell a Camaro here?

As the name suggests, we are only featuring Camaro listings. At least for now.

Is my contact information safe?

Private sellers are not required to publish their email and phone number. This is discouraged because you cold receive unwanted calls and emails.  We provide a contact form that sends all inquiries through our web site, to the seller’s email address.  

Car dealers will need to display their phone number and address information.  We provide a dealer profile page to feature this information.


How long will my listing be available?

We currently expire car listings after 30 days.  You can renew them however.

How do you manage the sale of the car?

The seller and the buyer must work out the details of the sale.  We do not get involved.  Please be aware of fraud and never wire money to a seller or share banking information.

What countries are supported?

This site is intended to support the international market, not just the United States.  Please note there may be some countries that are excluded for legal or regulatory reasons. We will plan to add multiple language support in the future.