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The Unofficial

Camaro Owners App

Coming to iOS and Android phones

We’re developing and app just for you. But we need your help. Sign up for our early beta release, and you could help decide what features matter most. These are just a few of the options on our road map:


Find other Camaro owners near you. Make your location available if you choose.


Track your driving habits. Hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding. Know your risk and vehicle wear.


Use your safe driving to get favorable offers on auto insurance. Earn discounts on gas and other products.


Request roadside assistance from within the app. Safely transmit your location for service vehicles


Compete with other drivers and see your local leaderboard. Or create circles of friends and compete with them.


Participate in car-share or ride-share opportunties with your Camaro. Earn extra income while driving the car you love.

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Driving Behavior Analysis

Vehicle Telematics data can help you understand the impact your driving has on tire wear, fuel economy, brake life, and other factors. We can gather this data using location services on your device, with GPS and accelerometer.

Lower the cost of insurance

We are talking with insurance carriers to try to arrange better premiums for safer drivers. Running our app on your phone would provide this data if you choose. Best of all, the app works in the background, so you don’t need to remember to launch it.

Roadside Asisstance

We are working with and industry leader in providing assistance when you need it most. The app would dispatch help to your location for common problems like lock-outs, jump-start, out of gas, and towing.

Tell us which features you like. Sign up to test the app when it becomes available!

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